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QFish is the unusual fish picking game.


Install Package (For QVGA)
Install package° For VGA°ň
Source code

How to play

Please choose a game level "Easy" or "Hard." How whose damage of the speed by which a fish moves with a level, or a net decreases changes. Selection of "START" starts a game.


A start of a game displays a net. If the tap of the net is carried out, it will sink underwater or will come floating. The position of a net is changeable if it drags. It is game over when the damage gauge currently displayed on the part is set to 0. Please save all fish, before a damage gauge becomes empty.

under play

"Easy" or "Hard" Score registration will be carried out if rank in is carried out less than to the 10th place of a higher rank, respectively.

QFish2 regist image

How to catch all fish ?

The damage gauge of a net decreases little by little only by having sunk underwater. If possible, let's shorten time to sink a net underwater.It will become a serious damage if a fish sinks a net in the state of being just under. Tips sink a net underwater in the place no fish is downward.It will become a serious damage, if it raises when entering in the state with a fish halfway in a net when raising.

Screen shots

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3
screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6



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